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 I am trained & experienced in holistic massage techniques and ayurveda. I am a yoga & meditation teacher, too.


I spent many months in India to learn and experience ayurveda with various doctors in Kerala.

In Rishikesh, I spent time in a traditional ashram to dive deep into yoga, meditation and chanting. 

Ayurveda is my passion. I combine an intuitive mix of classic massage, ayurvedic techniques, marma massage and energetic bodywork. 

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My work involves herbs, plant essences and nutrition/food as well as ayuvedic cooking.

I love to give online-counsellings about your body type (constitution) and the philosophy of food according to ayurvedic principles.


Fancy an intuitive card reading?  Go for it.       engl Website Oracle


 ♡ More info here will follow soon. I invite you to check out the German version of my website.
There are plenty of photos that may speak to you.  ♡  

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With love ♡


Here is an intro video...Wait till I show up on this sofa after a few secs... 🙃


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oracle cards: "The starseed oracle"
 by Rebecca Campbell (author) & Danielle Noel (art work),
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